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Disassembly, Cleaning and Repair of Tecumseh Series 7 Carburetor

Tecumseh engine model numbers: OHM100, OHM110, OHM90, OHV110, OHV115, OHV120, OHV125, OHV130, OHV135, OHV140, OHV15, OHV155, OHV16, OHV160, OHV165, OHV17, OHV170, OHV175, OHV180, OV358EA, OV490EA, OV691EA, OV691EP, TVT691, VTX691

Tecumseh carburetor part numbers: TEC-632786, TEC-632786A, TEC-632789, TEC-632789A, TEC-640000, TEC-640034, TEC-640034A, TEC-640065, TEC-640065A, TEC-640072, TEC-640072A, TEC-640159, TEC-640176, TEC-640221, TEC-640224, TEC-640285, TEC-640289, TEC-640330, TEC-640333, TEC-640337, TEC-640285, TEC-640289.