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Installation, Repair and Replacement of John Deere Sabre 14.5/38 GEAR Tractor Drive Belt GX10062

Left-hand and right-hand are referenced from the point of view of the tractor operator.
The flat backside of the belt rides on flat idlers; the inside vee rides in v-idlers and pulleys.
This John Deere Sabre uses belt part number GX10062 which is 105-3/4" long x 1/2" wide, HA section, 0.31 thick, 32 deg., KEVLAR construction.

Models: SABRE 1438GS, 1438HS, 14.5/38, 15.538GS, 15.538HS, 1542GS, 1542HS, 15.542GS, 15.542HS, 1642HS, 1642V-Twin H, 1642V-Twin G, 1742GS and 1742HS; EUROPRO 1438GS, 1538HS, 1542GS, 1642H; Scotts S1742;