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Installation, Repair and Replacement of v-belts on Cub Cadet Tractor 1015, 1225, 1315

Left-hand and right-hand are referenced from the point of view of the tractor operator.
The flat backside of the belt rides on flat idlers; the inside vee rides in v-idlers and pulleys.

NameSerial No.Mod. NumberDrive BeltPrimary BeltSecondary Belt
1015126,001 thru 207,400138-200-100, 131-200D100, 139-200-100, 130-200-100754-3035 90"x1/2" 4L section754-3038 60.5"x1/2"754-3026A 60"x1/2" A section
1225207,401 thru 239,300133-201F100, 132-201F100754-3035 90"x1/2" 4L section754-3029 59"x1/2"754-3036 63"x1/2" A sect.
1315147,008 thru 207,400139-222-100, 130-222-100, 131-222F100754-3035 90"x1/2" 4L section754-3038 60.5"x1/2"754-3036 63"x1/2" A sect.