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Disassembly, Cleaning and Repair of Briggs and Stratton Pulsa Prime carb

Briggs carburetor part numbers 498811, 790206, 790218, 794161, 795475, 795477
used on selected Models 093902, 095902, 095982, 096902, 096982, 098902, 098982, 09B902, 09C902, 09C982, 09D902, 09D982, 09E902, 09E912, 09F902, 09G902, 09H902, 09J902, 09K902, 09L502, 09L702, 09L902, 09M902, 09S502, 09T502, 09T702, 09T802, 10A902, 10A912, 10A982, 10B902, 10C902, 10C982, 10D902, 10D912, 10D982, 10E902, 10F902, 10G902, 10H902, 10J902, 10J912, 10K902, 10L502, 10L602, 10L802, 10L902, 10M902, 10M912, 10N902, 10S902, 10T502, 10T602, 10T702, 10T802, 10T812, 120L02, 120T02