Small Engine Specs

Specifications for small engines used on a variety of outdoor power equipment


Honda engine G150 and G200 engine Maintenance Standards including idle speed, compression, float height, plug gap, valve clearances, ignition resistance

Idle speed1400 +/- 100 rpm1400 +/- 100 rpm
Max no-load speed3850-4000 rpm3850-4000 rpm
Compression588kPa (85psi) @ 600-700 rpm588kPa (85psi) @ 600-700 rpm
Carb main jet #65#72
Float height8.2mm (0.32in.)8.2mm (0.32in.)
Spark plug gap Breaker point ignition0.6-0.7mm (0.02-0.03in.)0.6-0.7mm (0.02-0.03in.)
CDI ignition0.9-1.0mm (0.035-0.039in.)
Exciter coil resistance240ohm (CDI ignition)240ohm (CDI ignition)
Ignition coil secondary winding resistance6.6k-ohm (breaker point ignition)6.6k-ohm (breaker point ignition)
Condenser capacitance0.24 microfarad0.24 microfarad
Exhaust0.16-0.24mm (0.0063-0.0094in.)0.16-0.24mm (0.0063-0.0094in.)
Carb pilot screw adjustment1-3/8 turns3-1/4 turns

Honda engine G150 and G200 Valve Clearances according to Serial Number Range

G150 up to 1100542IN: 0.04-0.12mm (0.002-0.005in)EX: 0.04-0.12mm (0.002-0.005in)
G200 up to 1168819IN: 0.04-0.12mm (0.002-0.005in)EX: 0.04-0.12mm (0.002-0.005in)
G150 from 1100543 to 1380694IN: 0.05-0.11mm (0.002-0.004in.)EX:0.09-0.15mm (0.004-0.006in.)
G200 from 1168820 to 1556007IN: 0.05-0.11mm (0.002-0.004in.)EX:0.09-0.15mm (0.004-0.006in.)
G150 above 1380695IN: 0.08-0.16mm (0.003-0.006in.)EX: 0.16-0.24mm (0.006-0.009in.)
G200 above 1556008IN: 0.08-0.16mm (0.003-0.006in.)EX: 0.16-0.24mm (0.006-0.009in.)