Belts Size Cross Reference by Manufacturer and Part Number

Find sizes, lengths, widths of V-belts used on Outdoor Power Equipment or Lawn and Garden Equipment: lawn mowers, lawn tractors, garden tractors, snow blowers, leaf blowers, lawn sweepers, generators, chainsaws, line trimmers, cut saws, concrete saws, lawn vacs, tillers, power washers, wood chippers and shredders, log splitters, etc. More than 46,700 belts listed for hundreds of brands / manufacturers.


WHITE BELTS SIZES - Length and Width

Please, scroll down for results. Belt sizes ( length and width in inches ) for outdoor power equipment
manufactured or sold by WHITE
Li = Inside Length; Lp = Pitch Length; Le = Effective Length; Sec = Cross-section; Wp = Pitch Width; Desc = Description; R/B = Number of Ribs or Bands; A = Angle; Th = Thickness; † = Cross-section; ‡ = Thickness
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-Part NoLWDescNotesSecThWpR/BALiLpLe
195404074A78.2 <br>0.5 <br>4L
2166958094.9in. (2410mm)2.00in. (51mm)Metric 51FV2400
3311566290140.1in. (3559mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 2R16F3531
431158731095.6in. (2428mm)1.75in. (44mm)Metric 44FV2418
5311594240122.9in. (3122mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 3R16F3095
631166957076.1in. (1933mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 3R16F1905
731166958094.9in. (2410mm)2.00in. (51mm)Metric 51FV2400
831166979086.9in. (2207mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 4R16F2179
931173218094.1in. (2390mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 2R16F2362
1031176441078.4in. (1991mm)0.50in. (13mm)Metric 13F1981
11311831290171.4in. (4354mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 16F4343
12312404170106.1in. (2695mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 4R16F2667
13312439700172.4in. (4379mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F4369
14312439710131.7in. (3345mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 2R16F3318
1531244952089.3in. (2268mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 4R16F2240
1631245660076.4in. (1941mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 16F1930
1731249207069.4in. (1763mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 16F1753
18312503850164.2in. (4171mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22FD4115
1931252376099.1in. (2517mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 3R16F2489
2031254396073.4in. (1864mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 16F1854
-Part NoLWDescNotesSecThWpR/BALiLpLe
2131254397065.4in. (1661mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 16F1651
2231255348079.4in. (2017mm) <br>0.88in. (22mm) <br>Metric 22F2007
2331260401072.4in. (1839mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 16F1829
24317535030217.2in. (5517mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 16F5508
25317535040153.9in. (3909mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F3899
269810030146.4in. (3719mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F3708
279810090108in. (2743mm)2.20in. (56.4mm)Metric 12FPL2725
289810100163.3in. (4148mm)1.25in. (32mm)Metric 32F4140
299810440121.4in. (3084mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F3067
30981100087.4in. (2220mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 16F2210
319811450108in. (2743mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F2734
32981149067.4in. (1712mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 16F1702
339811710155.4in. (3947mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 16F3937
349811820130.9in. (3325mm)2.00in. (51mm)Metric 51FV3320
3732-000735869 (1752.60mm)0.5