Belts Size Cross Reference by Manufacturer and Part Number

Find sizes, lengths, widths of V-belts used on Outdoor Power Equipment or Lawn and Garden Equipment: lawn mowers, lawn tractors, garden tractors, snow blowers, leaf blowers, lawn sweepers, generators, chainsaws, line trimmers, cut saws, concrete saws, lawn vacs, tillers, power washers, wood chippers and shredders, log splitters, etc. More than 46,700 belts listed for hundreds of brands / manufacturers.


LAVERDA BELTS SIZES - Length and Width

Please, scroll down for results. Belt sizes ( length and width in inches ) for outdoor power equipment
manufactured or sold by LAVERDA
Li = Inside Length; Lp = Pitch Length; Le = Effective Length; Sec = Cross-section; Wp = Pitch Width; Desc = Description; R/B = Number of Ribs or Bands; A = Angle; Th = Thickness; † = Cross-section; ‡ = Thickness
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-Part NoLWDescNotesSecThWpR/BALiLpLe
134043514787.2in. (2215mm) <br>2.00in. (51mm) <br>Metric 51FV2211
2431022670.1in. (1781mm)0.50in. (13mm)Metric 3R13F1753
34311126130.1in. (3305mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 2R16F3277
44311127130.1in. (3305mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 2R16F3277
54311134173.5in. (4407mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 2R16F4379
6431121283.4in. (2118mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 16F2108
74311217102.1in. (2593mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 3R16F2565
84311221122.9in. (3122mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 3R16F3095
94311222125.1in. (3178mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 3R16F3150
104311315123.1in. (3127mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 4R16F3099
114311316125.5in. (3188mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 4R16F3160
124311318158.9in. (4036mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 4R16F4010
1343223248.4in. (1229mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 16F1219
1443223953.4in. (1356mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 16F1346
1543224357.4in. (1458mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 16F1448
1643224458.4in. (1483mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 16F1473
1743224659.4in. (1509mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 16F1499
1843225062.4in. (1585mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 16F1575
19432433124.4in. (3160mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F3150
20432436132.7in. (3371mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F3360
-Part NoLWDescNotesSecThWpR/BALiLpLe
21432437136.9in. (3477mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F3467
22432438140.4in. (3566mm) <br>0.88in. (22mm) <br>Metric 22F3556
2343313850.4in. (1280mm)0.50in. (13mm)Metric 13F1270
2443314353.4in. (1356mm)0.50in. (13mm)Metric 13F1346
2543314456.4in. (1433mm)0.50in. (13mm)Metric 13F1422
2643315446.4in. (1179mm)0.50in. (13mm)Metric 13F1168
2743315769.4in. (1763mm)0.50in. (13mm)Metric 13F1753
2843316276.4in. (1941mm)0.50in. (13mm)Metric 13F1930
2943317692.4in. (2347mm)0.50in. (13mm)Metric 13F2337
30433182104.4in. (2652mm)0.50in. (13mm)Metric 13F2642
31433184107.4in. (2728mm)0.50in. (13mm)Metric 13F2718
32433189116.4in. (2957mm)0.50in. (13mm)Metric 13F2946
3343322342.4in. (1077mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 16F1067
3443323649.4in. (1255mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 16F1245
3543323951.4in. (1306mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 16F1295
3643324356.4in. (1433mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 16F1423
3743325262.4in. (1585mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 16F1575
3843325666.4in. (1687mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 16F1676
3943328191.4in. (2322mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 16F2311
4043328393.4in. (2372mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 16F2362
-Part NoLWDescNotesSecThWpR/BALiLpLe
4143328999.4in. (2525mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 16F2515
42433290100.4in. (2550mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 16F2540
43433308127.4in. (3236mm) <br>0.67in. (16mm) <br>Metric 16F3226
44433316147.4in. (3744mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 16F3734
4543340650.4in. (1280mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F1270
4643340958.4in. (1483mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F1473
4743341061.6in. (1565mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F1556
4843341370.4in. (1788mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F1778
4943341473.4in. (1864mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F1854
5043341776.4in. (1941mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F1930
5143341887.7in. (2228mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F2210
5243341988.4in. (2245mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F2235
5343342470.4in. (1788mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F1778
54433427113.4in. (2880mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F2870
55433430114.4in. (2906mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F2896
56433431119.4in. (3033mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F3023
57433432117.6in. (2987mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F2977
58433435130.3in. (3310mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F3299
59433440144.4in. (3668mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F3658
60433441161.4in. (4100mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 16F4089
-Part NoLWDescNotesSecThWpR/BALiLpLe
61433442170.4in. (4328mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F4318
62433446182.4in. (4633mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F4624
63433455149.4in. (3795mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F3785
64433456164.4in. (4176mm) <br>0.88in. (22mm) <br>Metric 22F4166
65433457190.4in. (4836mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F4826
66433458154.9in. (3934mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F3924
6743346784.7in. (2151mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F2141
6843347089.4in. (2271mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F2261
6943347584.7in. (2151mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F2141
70433531123.3in. (3132mm)1.25in. (32mm)Metric 32F3124
71433537146.3in. (3716mm)1.25in. (32mm)Metric 32F3708
72433539177.3in. (4503mm)1.25in. (32mm)Metric 32F4496
73433963108in. (2743mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F2734
7443398079.4in. (2017mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 16FD1981
7543413841.4in. (1052mm)1.25in. (32mm)Metric 32FV1040
7643414051.4in. (1306mm)1.25in. (32mm)Metric 32FV1295
77435114687.2in. (2215mm)2.00in. (51mm)Metric 51FV2196
7843512483.9in. (2131mm)1.75in. (44mm)Metric 44FV2121
7943512582.2in. (2088mm)1.75in. (44mm)Metric 44FV2079
80435127113.4in. (2880mm)1.75in. (44mm)Metric 44FV2870
-Part NoLWDescNotesSecThWpR/BALiLpLe
81435130139.1in. (3533mm)1.75in. (44mm)Metric 44FV3524
8243513878.8in. (2002mm)2.00in. (51mm)Metric 51FV1953
8343514787.2in. (2215mm)2.00in. (51mm)Metric 51FV2211
8443515289.3in. (2268mm)2.50in. (63mm)Metric 63FV2251
8543515880.3in. (2040mm) <br>2.00in. (51mm) <br>Metric 51FV2019
867010849.9in. (1267mm)0.50in. (12.7mm)Metric 12.7 X 1250 LD
87882270454.3in. (1379mm)0.50in. (12.7mm)Metric 12.7 X 1360 LD