Belts Size Cross Reference by Manufacturer and Part Number

Find sizes, lengths, widths of V-belts used on Outdoor Power Equipment or Lawn and Garden Equipment: lawn mowers, lawn tractors, garden tractors, snow blowers, leaf blowers, lawn sweepers, generators, chainsaws, line trimmers, cut saws, concrete saws, lawn vacs, tillers, power washers, wood chippers and shredders, log splitters, etc. More than 46,700 belts listed for hundreds of brands / manufacturers.



Please, scroll down for results. Belt sizes ( length and width in inches ) for outdoor power equipment
manufactured or sold by DEUTZ-FAHR
Li = Inside Length; Lp = Pitch Length; Le = Effective Length; Sec = Cross-section; Wp = Pitch Width; Desc = Description; R/B = Number of Ribs or Bands; A = Angle; Th = Thickness; † = Cross-section; ‡ = Thickness
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-Part NoLWDescNotesSecThWpR/BALiLpLe
108900094177.1in. (4498mm) <br>0.67in. (16mm) <br>Metric 3R16F4470
20890009461.80656.5in. (1435mm)1.50in. (38mm)Metric 38FV1435
3089000946188882.1in. (2085mm)2.25in. (57mm)Metric 57FV2070
41116.140.134.00156.2in. (3967mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22FD3912
51123.464.465.000119.4in. (3033mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F3023
61123.664.100.0063.4in. (1610mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F1600
71123.664.101.0088.4in. (2245mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F2235
81123.664.102.0081.4in. (2068mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F2057
91130.375.100.00229.4in. (5827mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F5817
101170.290.108.0057.4in. (1458mm)0.50in. (13mm)Metric 13F1448
111170.290.110.0053.4in. (1356mm)0.50in. (13mm)Metric 13F1346
121170.370.156.00199.4in. (5065mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F5055
131175.025.184.00107.4in. (2728mm)0.50in. (13mm)Metric 13F2718
141175.025.185.0047.4in. (1204mm)0.50in. (13mm)Metric 13F1194
151175.026.160.0046.4in. (1179mm)0.50in. (13mm)Metric 13F1168
161175.091.124.00130.4in. (3312mm)1.00in. (25mm)Metric 25FV3302
171175.120.109.00152.1in. (3863mm)0.67in. (16mm)Metric 4R16F3835
181175.185.129.00162.1in. (4117mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 2R22F4089
191175.225.138.0080.4in. (2042mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F2032
201175.295.118.0048.4in. (1229mm)0.50in. (13mm)Metric 13F1219
-Part NoLWDescNotesSecThWpR/BALiLpLe
211175.300.129.00129.4in. (3287mm)1.75in. (44mm)Metric 44FV3275
221175.375.104.00148.4in. (3769mm) <br>1.00in. (25mm) <br>Metric 25FV3759
2330012900129.4in. (3287mm)1.75in. (44mm)Metric 44FV3275
24624130590.9in. (2309mm)2.00in. (51mm)Metric 51FV2291
258800.2215.6.280115.4in. (2931mm)1.00in. (25mm)Metric 25FV2923
26C1MT05X212123.4in. (3134mm)0.88in. (22mm)Metric 22F3124