Belts Size Cross Reference by Manufacturer and Part Number

Find sizes, lengths, widths of V-belts used on Outdoor Power Equipment or Lawn and Garden Equipment: lawn mowers, lawn tractors, garden tractors, snow blowers, leaf blowers, lawn sweepers, generators, chainsaws, line trimmers, cut saws, concrete saws, lawn vacs, tillers, power washers, wood chippers and shredders, log splitters, etc. More than 46,700 belts listed for hundreds of brands / manufacturers.



A reference listing power transmission v-belts sizes, lengths and widths by part number for hundreds of brands and manufacturers of Outdoor Power Equipment.

You may search for a belt by part number, by length and width, or browse thru the pick list below.

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  2. Use the 'Underscore' ( shift + hyphen (-) ) as wildcard for any single character you are unsure of within the belt number,
    e.g., _4_2_0 will match 144200, 041200, 545200, 446260, etc.
  3. Use the 'Per Cent' sign ( % ) as wildcard for one or more characters. %ABC will match 123ABC,
    ABC% will match ABC123xz, %ABC% will match 0123ABC456; 1%0 will match anything that begins with 1 and ends with 0.
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  5. Hyphens, spaces and slashes ( / ) within belt number are optional. 754-3000 will match 75 43000 or 7 5-430/0-0.
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  3. The format must be 2 or 3 digits, optionally followed by a decimal point (.) and a single digit.
  4. Examples: 12, 123, 12.3, 123.4
  5. Results will match your length input plus or minus 0.2 inch.
  6. Results are limited to 200. You may need to narrow your search.